Creating a design for a website is not as easy as you may think it is. Even though you can open up any image editing software and start cutting and pasting a couple of images, it really needs a sense of creativity. If you look at some of the very professional web design projects out there, you will notice that each one is different in its own unique way. If you can make a unique web design, you are well on your way to creating wonders. However, prior to creating your great work of art, remember to take note of some of the following web design tips.

Color combination and backgrounds play a very important role in your web design. Ideally, it is best to use a light background color, as opposed to something dark. Depending on the theme of the site, you should keep the background light, with darker content. This will bring out the content and make it easy to read.

With every web design project you work on, it is important to have a sense of uniformity within your design. Just because the graphics part of the design is nicely matched, it doesn’t make the whole design perfect. Take some time to play around with the content, and see how and where it looks best. As mentioned before, color combination is important with the design. If your background is dark, make sure to use an inverted color for maximum appearance.

Your content doesn’t have to be in text format, because you also have the option of incorporating it within your actual design. So, when designing the actual template for your website, you will be adding in the content. Later, you will need to use a HTML slicer to cut the images to generate a code for the webpage. However, you should only add content into the design if SEO is not a factor for you. Having text content is best, as you could get the information indexed by various search engines.

Creating a unique web design requires a unique platform to work with. A logo or business brand is unique and only used by one company. When working on a project, whether it is for you or a client, it is important to add the logo and use some of its colors. By doing so, you will be giving the website a great online presence. Every business has its own image that it wishes to portray, and you can do just this.

When developing a site, no one really thinks about the editing and updating process that follows. As a designer, you should make it simple to edit the website, by either having a settings file or a fully enhanced control panel. Large websites with tons of pages and numerous updates will have a control panel, as the updating can be quite hectic. Lastly, think about how easy it will be for visitors to navigate from one page to the next. Focus on a simple yet elegant design, and it will do wonders in terms of customer impressions.

Note: Post image used is from the Photoshop Abstract Light tutorial at AdobeTutorialz

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